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About Us

A Foundation of Success

Clients come to lawyers with immediate issues and concerns requiring prompt, personal, efficient, favorable and correct legal resolution. Responding to these needs is our hallmark as confirmed by many of our clients ranging from the small single owner enterprise to multimillion dollar valued sureties, contractors and other business entities.

We know all areas of California construction, surety and commercial law. We should — we’ve practiced in these areas for over 30 years. No one matches the depth of experience and knowledge of construction, surety and commercial law in Southern California. We get right to the heart of every matter to solve even the most complicated legal matters quickly and efficiently.

Originally founded in Los Angeles by Frank Lanak and Joseph Hanna, we relocated to Orange County in 1987, where we were joined by Craig Bronstein in 1994. Our steady growth has allowed us to build on our successes while maintaining the same level of personalized service we’ve provided since we opened our doors in 1977. Our attorneys provide responsive and value-driven representation to every client. And we don’t stop until we get the right result.

“Our steady growth has allowed us to build on our successes while maintaining the same level of personalized service…”

Lanak & Hanna’s primary focus is construction dispute, surety claims and commercial litigation, with additional specializations in subrogation, creditors’ rights, bankruptcy, labor, general business litigation and related transactional matters. Most of our lawyers have over 10 years of experience in civil litigation before both the state and federal courts.

Our in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and its business issues gives the firm a unique combination of practical experience and intellectual acumen we deliver to every client. Our business philosophy is client-centric: we treat our clients’ problems as our own. And we understand the importance of value for money and predictability. After more than forty years working with the construction industry, we know how to boil down a dispute to its most essential elements.

Mr. Lanak has represented sureties in connection with claims against their surety bonds, ranging from license and permit bonds, court bonds, miscellaneous bonds to public and private contract bonds for over 40 years.

Expertise, experience, responsiveness and value are the very foundation of our work at Lanak & Hanna.

Regional Presence

In addition to California, Lanak & Hanna is also able to offer services to clients who may have interests in  Arizona, Washington and Hawaii. Contact information for each region can be found below.

Primary Office

625 The City Drive South Suite 190
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 620-2350

Michael K. Murray

625 The City Drive South Suite 190
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 620-2350 x339

Brian A. Boice

625 The City Drive South Suite 190
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 620-2350 x307

Chad M. Wilson

625 The City Drive South Suite 190
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 620-2350 x304


A selection of successful judgments that Lanak & Hanna attorneys have won for their clients.
  • Collected nearly $260,000 for a supplier client after filing suit on its mechanics lien and bonded stop payment notice. After general contractor bonded around mechanics lien and bonded stop notice it proceeded to settle with our client by paying the full principal and nearly all the client’s attorneys fees and costs.
  • Collected full $705,000 performance bond loss for surety client from indemnitors whose business had closed down and real property was underwater.
  • Successfully defended claim by project owner, general contractor and electrical contractor claiming defective material and collected balance owed to client by electrical subcontractor for unpaid materials.
  • Completely defended claims made against automotive paint supplier client by former customer and settled with customer paying $200,000 to client to resolve lost profits claim.
  • Secured writ of attachment for $1.1 million against customer of pipe supplier client which ultimately forced the customer to settle and enter into payment plan with client to pay full principal, balance, all attorneys fees and costs and interest.
  • Successfully argued and obtained 3 million dollar award on motion for summary judgment for breach of indemnity agreement in favor of surety in published federal decision.
  • Fully recovered all attorneys’ fees, court costs, principal, and accrued interest in favor of subcontractor client from owner and contractor in mechanic’s lien and breach of contract case after filing comprehensive motion for summary judgment.
  • Total defense victory on behalf of a surety during trial by way of oral motion for non-suit resulting in a complete defeat of entirety of plaintiff’s claims made against the bond.
  • Successfully recovered all attorney fees and costs in settlement of actions on indemnity agreements on the eve of Trial.
  • Resolve Interpleader of surety contractor bond including over fifteen claimants.
  • Join in reversing a Small Claims Judgment on Appeal resulting in judgment in favor of surety, with an award of attorney’s fees, along with a successful joinder to motion for judgment on the pleadings to ultimately obtain dismissal with prejudice against all claims against the surety’s bond.
  • Complete defense victory on behalf of a surety by motion for summary judgment against the obligee’s claims on the performance bond where the court found the obligee failed to prove that it had performed all of the conditions precedent required under the bond.
  • Aggressively defended a member of a LLC who was sued on a claim of alter ego of the LLC. After filing a motion for summary judgment on the issue of alter ego, Plaintiff without opposing the motion agreed to dismiss the action with prejudice.
  • Successfully settled case for contractor client on a Labor Code 4553 claim alleging Serious and Willful Misconduct seeking damages of over $500,000 and settling the matter for less than 1% of the damages.
  • Settled case for subcontractor client prior to filing lawsuit after owner filed for bankruptcy protection.
  • Petitioning California Supreme Court on case of first impression seeking to clarify application of restitutionary principals within California’s managed care health care system.
  • Compelled full settlement payment in conspiratorial fraud action for corporate embezzlement against former employee and non-employee co-conspirator through detailed analysis of bank records, invoking handwriting expert, and aggressive case prosecution.
  • Successfully recovered on behalf of surety for payment and performance bond losses by moving to set aside a litany of fraudulent conveyances and foreclosing on deeds of trust for properties owned by foreign nationals.
  • Complete recovery on behalf of a provider in a complex health care payor/payee dispute arising within the Knox-Keene Act by invoking unique equitable remedies based on theories of unjust enrichment and agency.
  • Total defense victory on behalf of a surety during trial by way of oral motion for non-suit resulting in a complete defeat of entirety of plaintiff’s claims made against the bond.
  • After filing indemnity action and Application for Right to Attach, we settled case on behalf of surety client by obtaining a Deed of Trust as full collateral to protect the client from multi-million dollar losses on a performance bond claim.
  • Pierced indemnitors’ family trust and recorded lien in indemnitors’ pending lender liability case resulting in collection of full loss, including all attorneys’ fees, for surety client against indemnitors arising from payment and performance bond losses.
  • Settled case for supplier client after recording Oil and Gas Liens on the Defendant’s oil and gas production leases.
  • Obtained full payment of losses for material supplier client when shipping company damaged client’s pipe in transit after filing Federal Court action in Nevada under the Carmack Amendment.
  • Settled Miller Act claim against general contractor on military project after filing motion for summary judgment.
  • Settled case for client including payment in full after filing lawsuit on stop notice and against general contractor’s payment bond.
  • Settled case for client after 2 years of litigation on $20+ million data center project which included over 50 unpaid change orders, unpaid retention and unpaid contract balance. General Contractor executed an assignment for benefit of creditors and client responded with alter ego claim against general contractor and its parent company, ultimately forcing the general contractor’s alter ego to settle prior to trial.
  • Recovered full balance and fees and costs owed by contractor to bonding agent for premiums for several bonds it had obtained for contractor.
  • After three years of litigation and a 9 week jury trial where a judgment was entered in favor of the County against surety on the performance bond it issued on a public works project, successfully settled a judgment at 50% of the value saving the surety over $100,000.
  • Negotiated a settlement against a general contractor by its subcontractor for 70% of the claimed damages after subcontractor filed its motion for summary judgment.
  • Extensively argued a meritless case resulting in a full dismissal of the lawsuit on the eve of trial brought against a consulting company by a contractor that it had investigated and opined engaged in violations of the Business and Professions Code which resulted in a payout of its contractor license bond.
  • Defended a meritless and frivolous action against a church and its pastor on fraudulent based claims resulting in a full dismissal of the lawsuit on the eve of trial without any payment to the Plaintiff.
  • Convinced DLSE to settle a judgment that was obtained against our client before we were retained.  Judgment was for $175,981.46 and we resolved for total payment  of only $71,778.23 – a discount of 60% off of original judgment amount.
  • Defeated indemnitors’ demurrer on complaint for breach of indemnity agreement, resulting in full recovery by surety of bond losses and attorneys’ fees.
  • Resolved a general contractor claim against a community college district for delay, disruption and extended general conditions for over $3 million.
  • Resolved a subcontractor modified total cost claim against a general contractor for delay, disruption and extended general conditions for nearly $2 million.
  • Resolved a subcontractor claim against a general contractor and a community college district for delay, disruption and extended general conditions for nearly $1 million.
  • Resolved a subcontractor claim against a general contractor and the Veterans Administration for defective plans and specifications for nearly $500,000.
  • Resolved a bad faith coverage action on behalf of a contractor against its insurance company for a complete acceptance of defense and full reimbursement of all legal and consulting expense incurred
  • Recovered $1.5 million mechanics’ lien claim for a subcontractor on a Beverly Hills estate.
  • Resolved and recovered the full $25,800 balance plus a portion of the attorneys’ fees owed to the client on a plumbing project and obtained a dismissal with prejudice of the defendants’ cross-complaint for elder abuse, fraud, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract.
  • Defeated surety’s motion for summary judgment that client’s payment bond claim was untimely, resulting in full recovery of client’s claim, including attorneys’ fees, for a total of $670,000.00.
  • Resolved a medical suppliers dispute over pharmaceuticals provided to the defendant for a lump sum payment of $192,500.00
  • Resolved a nearly $500,000 judgment against a client arising from a failed restaurant business for $15,000, 3% of what was owed; then resolved a $40,000 complaint from the food supplier against the client on a personal guaranty for $3,500.
  • In less than 4 months resolved a $144,000 debt owed by a medical laboratory for laboratory testing for $136,000.
  • Resolved title company’s $339,554 subrogation claim against individual client for $193,000, payable over 8.5 years, with no interest accruing.
  • Resolved $432,647 claim of a temporary labor supply vendor against contractor client for $300,000, pre-litigation.
  • Obtained right to attach order in the amount of $490,657 on subcontractor’s extra work and retention claim.
  • Resolved insurance company’s $80,936.54 claim against heavy equipment repair supply client for $15,000, with a few letters.
  • Obtained right to attach order against prime contractor for the entire principal amount sought of $463,081.
  • Recovered $77,500 for surety client on an initial $35,000 loss after obtaining an order piercing the family trust and moving to sell the defendant’s residence that was in the name of the family trust.
  • Recovered $50,000 for a client on two separate accounts without having to even file a lawsuit.
  • Resolved factoring company’s $332,075 fraud and breach of contract claim against client for total of $50,400, payable over seven years with no interest.
  • Resolved $500,000+ surcharge claim against surety client on a probate bond for mismanagement of the decedent’s restaurant for $30,000 in payments to be made by the administrator of the estate, with the surety exonerated.
  • Resolved $140,000 surcharge claim against a surety client on a probate bond for $39,000, about 28% of the potential liability.
  • Resolved a subcontractor claim against a general contractor and private owner for delay, disruption and extended general conditions for $500,000.
  • Obtained right to attach order in favor of our surety client against principal contractor for the entire principal amount sought of $463,081.
  • 95% success rate on Motions for Summary Judgment in recovering damages against indemnitors on subrogation actions for surety clients.
  • Recovered over $400,000 with an innovative application of the lien-on-pending-action enforcement remedy, on a $100k judgment from 1991.
  • Resolved action against indemnitors arising from performance bond claim. Settlement of $390,000 included full recovery by Surety of all bond losses and attorneys fees.